Privacy Policy

 1) Can I return items at the time of delivery ?

We make sure all the products are in good and working condition when they reach you, without compromising on quality. There are a series of stringent quality checks that are undertaken on every piece of equipment/Product before delivery. However, if the products do not match what you ordered or in case of any hardware problems you may return the product. If accepted by you or your representative (anyone receiving the order on your behalf) at the time of delivery, the products cannot be returned later. Only items with major defects or non-functionality will be taken back. Since the product details & specification for all products are mentioned on the email, we will not be able to accept any returns based on that criteria. However, some genuine issues can be discussed over a call and we might take items back, but only if pointed out at the time of delivery. Unfortunately, returns cannot be initiated once the delivery is accepted by you or your representatives. To ensure that you face no issues regarding this, IndianRenters team will leave your premises only when you are satisfied with the order.

2) Can I return few of the items before closure of the contract ?

If you wish to return the equipment before the end of the agreed rental duration, it can be arranged. Such is the flexibility of rental. In such a case 50% of the remaining rental period will be charged. i.e. 50% of (Agreed Rental Tenure – Actual Rental Tenure)

3) How and till when can I modify my order?

You can modify your order items up until 2 working days before the agreed delivery date. You can email us the modification details or call us. Delivery time and date may change due to modifications. If you modify the ordered items, rent and deposit will be charged as per new items. 

5) What is the procedure for cancelling an existing order ?

Once delivered, an existing order cannot be cancelled. You can place a cancellation request up until 2 working days before the delivery date by emailing or calling us. The cancellation charges will be applicable